Acceptance and Compassion

It has taken a lot of courage and strength, and maybe a few heartfelt conversations, but you are here now. You know that something must change, and you know the cycle of addiction has to end. You have started to accept that you want to change and that you need help to do so.

The first step in any program to recover from substance use is accepting that you want and need help. Getting to the point where you begin to seek out resources to change can be overwhelming. However, beyond the fear, there is a peace in knowing that change is possible and that it is within your grasp. At this point, you may be asking yourself how you get from having these questions and into a program that will bring you to sobriety and recovery.

Taking That First Step: Acceptance and Compassion

Asking for help can be as difficult as admitting you need help. Most of us do not ask for help until we absolutely cannot continue by ourselves. By the time we ask, we are forced to face our own limitations. Let’s reframe the idea of asking for help as a symbol of the strength that is within you. That strength comes from your spirit, the essence of who you are. Your body may be tired, but you know with all that you are that you can change.

The choice to believe in yourself can be a powerful force for change. In fact, researchers have found that belief can help those in recovery avoid situations that may lead them back to addictive behaviors and can even increase feelings of inner strength.

Whether you realize it or not, the choice you made to acknowledge your need for help has already set you on a path toward sobriety. You’ve taken the first step. Now what?

Finding Support

Now that you have taken the first step in admitting that you have a problem and that you want help, give yourself a pat on the back. You are valued, you are a person of worth, and it is good to see that you are realizing it.

Finding the right resources can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Twilight Recovery Center is an inpatient treatment facility that specializes in helping you achieve sobriety, face the factors that led you to seek escape, and bring you to a place of peaceful recovery as one with the world around you.

Twilight has many tools at our disposal to assist in your journey toward sobriety. Our inpatient treatment program’s holistic approach considers the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit in all of their treatment approaches.

While facing recovery, it is important to find the right support structure. Addiction is a disease that affects your spirit as much as your body. Achieving wellness for your mind and spirit is crucial to facing and conquering addiction. Guests at Twilight Recovery experience a full range of support services that include mind and body wellness. Coordinators seek to help guests by engaging in nutrition and exercise programs, holistic treatments such as yoga and mindful meditation, and even equine therapy and aquatic therapy on the stunning beaches adjacent to the facility.

Finding the right support is now crucial as you begin your steps to recovery. The best support comes from resources where a wide range of therapies are available. No two fingerprints are alike, and no two treatment plans can be alike either. We all have individual needs. Twilight Recovery Center can help tailor a support plan just for you.

Finding Compassion and Receiving Understanding

We live in an ever-changing world where the choices can seem endless and confusing, but now you know that with Twilight Recovery, getting well does not have to be daunting. Having the right support structure can make all the difference.

Another difference-maker in recovery is finding the right compassionate care. Unfortunately, we live in a world where substance users and those in recovery often find themselves as the subject of tremendous stigma. Finding a support system that reduces stigma with compassionate care and understanding can make all the difference in achieving freedom from addiction. Stigma is unfortunate because it stems from a lack of empathy. Many people suffer from addiction and seek help. In fact, substance use is, unfortunately, more common than we would like. Substance use or mental health problems affect one in four people in the United States.

Understanding plays a critical role in recovery. Your care team at Twilight Recovery understands the stages of change and the steps in achieving sobriety and complete wellness, whether you are engaging in a 12-Step program or other approaches. Through empathy and compassion, professionals understand what you are going through and can guide you to learn how to recover.

Individualized Care and Recovery

It is important to understand that, despite the stigma, addiction is a very real disease. It is an insidious illness that affects your mind and body equally. It can be spiritually damaging, affecting the way you think about yourself.

That is why it takes so much strength to realize that you need to get better. Healing requires that you find the right care that guides you to recovery. No one experiences addiction the same way, so your care should be individually tailored to help you achieve success.

The mission of Twilight Recovery Center is to provide individualized treatment plans to address and treat all the causes of the disease of addiction. You have taken that important first step. Let us walk with you on this journey to recovery.

Choosing to get well and recover from substance use is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Selecting the right treatment plan involves finding a support structure that can treat every part of your life affected by addiction, and individually tailor treatments to help you holistically heal. At Twilight Recovery Center, your journey to total wellness is a goal we share. From medical intervention and detoxification, to clinical psychotherapy and mental health wellness, to spirituality, meditation, and mindfulness, our caring staff work toward helping you achieve sobriety and recovery. Here, amid luxury accommodations, beautiful vistas, and stunning beaches, you can begin your sober journey with treatments ranging from walking on the beach to surfing, horseback riding, and swimming as your body and mind find equilibrium once more with nature. Call (888) 414-8183 today and begin your recovery journey with us.

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Receive the highest level of care at our upscale recovery center. We offer world class treatments to ensure the finest road to recovery.



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