Individualized Care

People often assume that recovery is a catch-all for anyone with addiction issues. However, recovery is based on the concept of individualized care. Each person must be treated as a separate entity. Twilight Recovery Center understands this and provides top-notch, individualized care for all residents.

The Purpose of Recovery

When a person enters a rehab facility, they will often find that the process laid out before them seems difficult. They are told about the hurdles they will need to overcome before seeing the other side of rehab.

However, this process is made easier by the fact that each person can be treated within the overarching program. That is to say, each person requires certain overall help, but that help can be tailored to the individual.

Who Benefits From Individualized Care?

When we look into the actual purpose of individualized care, it becomes necessary to see it from two perspectives: that of the individual and that of the medical professionals caring for them.


It is helpful for the people going through care to know that they are not simply another number. The fear of a cookie-cutter system often frightens people away. However, when a person receives their initial assessment, it will become obvious that their care could never be the same as anyone else’s. They may be similar, but they have their own emotions, weaknesses, and definitive strengths.

This will all become even more ingrained when they begin individualized therapy and start exploring their disorders and trauma. The details of their lives are theirs alone. To have someone look at them and tell them, they matter and that they are special may be one of the best things for them to hear.

Medical Professionals

From the outside, it may seem that having a cookie-cutter mentality when it comes to group care is a good idea. It may even seem like a simpler way of doing things. This could not be further from the truth. Medical professionals exist to assist in the healing process in a way that leaves a person better off than they were prior to care.

The only way to do this is to focus on the needs of the individual. Even though two people may have been through trauma, this does not mean that their trauma is in any way linked. For example, if two people have childhood trauma, they will not share the same people, location, or details as the other.

A medical professional must only see the individual. This applies to group settings as well. Each person brings their own story, and through interaction, they will begin to exhibit behaviors based on their background. The behaviors impact the rest of the group, and that dynamic is controlled by the medical professional. If they are unable to differentiate between individuals, the dynamic will never balance out. This will lead to a decrease in the quality of care being offered.

Individualized Care in Phases of Recovery

Due to the many phases of recovery, there are a variety of ways that individual care presents itself. In a luxury rehab, there are overarching programs that each have their own need for the presence of individuality.


In detox, a person must be treated in a 1-1 scenario. This is largely due to the overwhelming mental and physical stress that detox puts on the body. Depending on a variety of factors, a person may require certain medications, more time, or even specialized equipment to monitor their progress.

Individual Therapy

Each person that speaks with a therapist must be able to focus on themselves. In individual therapy, they are given this opportunity. For people that have never partaken in this process, there is comfort in knowing that the medical professional is there just to talk about you. In this safe space, a person can discuss things about themselves they may not have shared with anyone prior to entering recovery.

Group Therapy

It may seem counterintuitive to consider individuality in group therapy. However, each person brings their own experiences and knowledge to the group. As they discuss each other’s cases, it becomes clear that they each have something to offer the others. Without this combined knowledge, the group would be useless. Therefore, a person must be seen as a collection of their life stories and experiences in order to be a valued member of the group.


In the post-recovery process, people will continue to be involved in individual therapy and group. However, they will also come to realize that their friends and family see them as an individual with their own wants and needs. This also means that the person has unique insight into the people and world around them. Thus, their care must continue to focus on their inner, personal struggles to continue making headway.

Why a Luxury Rehab Provides the Best Individualized Care

When a person requires individual care, it helps to be in a place where every need is taken care of. At a luxury rehab like Twilight Recovery Center, not only is care molded to each specific resident, but so are the modalities of living. Each person has their own suite, meals that are created with their specific diets in mind, and a variety of activities offered nowhere else.

This is not just a luxury individualized rehab program. It is an individualized lifestyle surrounding a rehab program. With the understanding of this type of care, a person is able to find true relaxation. This allows them ample time to think about themselves and make sure that they are doing all they can to focus on their recovery.

People are often put into groups based on different criteria. However, their individuality is often sacrificed for the greater needs of this group. At Twilight Recovery Center, we believe that the resident, first and foremost, should be treated as an individual. We understand that no case is the same and that everyone comes to us with their own background and specific sets of trauma. Due to this fact, we assess the person’s condition and situation both when they arrive and then continuously throughout their stay. This means that their care is aimed at them and them alone. Learn more about our program and facility by calling Twilight Recovery Center at (888) 414-8183.

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Receive the highest level of care at our upscale recovery center. We offer world class treatments to ensure the finest road to recovery.





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Receive the highest level of care at our upscale recovery center. We offer world class treatments to ensure the finest road to recovery.



Farallon #9751, San Antonio del Mar, Baja California Mexico CP 22560


(1)888-414 81 83
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