Role of Anxiety

When a person has anxiety, they may find themselves persistently worrying about a variety of subjects. Often, there is a physical component as well, including rapid breathing, sweating, nausea, and even an elevated heart rate. It can arise at any moment and for any reason. For some, it is a lifelong struggle, while others experience a momentary flare-up in specific situations. Regardless of the reason, anxiety is a state that many people would rather not endure.

Roots in Trauma

People with substance abuse problems caused or exacerbated by anxiety will often find that it has its origins in trauma. This may be recent trauma, or it could be unresolved trauma from childhood.

Childhood trauma leads to anxiety for the simple reason that it causes individuals to be scared of certain people and situations. One of the problems is that when there is childhood trauma, the anxiety is so intense that people may not wish to confront it.

Discovering Dual Diagnosis

Those that do seek help may be given a dual diagnosis. This means that their diagnosis includes a mental disorder coupled with substance abuse. For people with unresolved anxiety issues, this can be a game-changer.

A dual diagnosis may mean that the individual qualifies for medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which can lessen the mental and physical side effects of anxiety. When this happens, it will free the person of oppressive and cyclical thoughts and allow space for healing.

This will also give them a chance to confront their substance abuse with a clear head. They may not be devoid of anxiety, but medication and consistent therapy will make it manageable.

A person who discovers that they have a dual diagnosis may only find this out after entering a treatment program. This may be the first time they encounter accurate medical and psychological assistance. For many people, this has kept them from exploring their trauma. This has resulted in a protracted amount of personal suffering, which in turn has led to more anxiety and substance abuse.

The dual diagnosis will often be the first time this individual will be given specific proof and solutions to their most prevalent issues.

Anxiety and Substance Abuse Recovery

When a person chooses to enter recovery they may experience a brief, yet frightening, level of anxiety. This will result from making the leap from denial to full acceptance of their issues. The medical staff understands that this is an anxiety-inducing situation and will do everything to make the person feel at ease.

For some, the detox process can be an excruciating ordeal. However, they must clear their systems of toxins before moving on to the next phase of treatment. During the detox process, these people will experience withdrawal. Part of this withdrawal will be an anxiety response. Unfortunately, this is a typical response to have during detox. Following detox, this anxiety will lessen and may be replaced based on what awaits them in the next phase of treatment.

Residents should be aware that anxiety during treatment is entirely normal. Though it may create initial fears, they will begin to fall away as the healing process begins. For many people, the anxiety will return every so often, but anxiety is a part of life. Recovery will teach people to cope with anxiety by confronting it and allowing it to have its time.

The goal of substance abuse recovery is to heal the whole person. Part of this is helping people regulate overwhelming emotions. Anxiety clearly falls into this category. However, when someone can find the courage to confront their past, confront their addictions, and enter treatment, they are showing the level of personal strength necessary to deal with anxiety.

Twilight Recovery Center and Anxiety Treatment

At Twilight Recovery Center, our staff is fully aware of the role anxiety plays in the substance abuse process. This means everything from childhood trauma to anxiety over leaving treatment.

Our program exists to take a person who feels broken and teach them methods to become whole. Each person has the necessary building blocks to find their balance. Twilight Recovery Center will give residents the tools and support to realize this.

In the end, independence takes strength. It is our job to show addicts that they have the power to help themselves through one of the most challenging parts of their lives. Substance abuse and childhood trauma may seem like the hardest things to go through. However, it takes a particular person and a unique program to help that person through the process of dealing with both trauma and addiction.

Twilight Recovery Center is ready to help every resident and show them that, in a luxury environment surrounded by tropical beauty, a person can learn peace, acceptance, and strength.

For people with substance use disorder, there is often a root cause of anxiety. This anxiety often originates in childhood trauma and, if left unresolved, may creep into other parts of a person’s life. When anxiety becomes too strong to handle, people may turn to illicit substances to self-regulate. The consequences of this domino effect are often devastating. Twilight Recovery Center understands the role of anxiety in addiction and is ready to help people confront it head-on. With qualified medical staff and small group therapy sessions, we have the resources to guide people through the rehab process in a safe, luxurious facility. To learn more about our program and what we offer, contact us at (888) 414-8183.

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Receive the highest level of care at our upscale recovery center. We offer world class treatments to ensure the finest road to recovery.



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