Why To Focus On Individualized Care

There are all types of rehab and recovery centers around the country. Each one of them has its own program and its own ways of dealing with people who are suffering from substance abuse issues. For most facilities, the idea of treating everyone equally is a sign of progression and community building. However, the best recovery centers do not see people as one among many, they are those who individualized care. They see them as individuals.

What Is Individualized Care?

When a person enters a rehab center, they are immediately given an initial assessment to decide what care must be given. This often involves discussing their level of addiction and methods of detox required to help them rid their systems of toxins. When this happens, it is the first step to individualized care.

Once the person has gone through detox, they will be given further assessments to decide the type of therapy necessary to help them come to terms with their addictions and ways to move forward. However, this cannot be done in a cookie-cutter fashion.

Every person must be dealt with individually in order for them to focus on their personal situation. If everyone is treated the same, only some people will actually receive the proper treatment.

What Is Care Plan?

For a person living with substance abuse issues, the concept of order may feel unattainable. With that in mind, a person entering a rehab program will be presented with a care plan. In many cases, they will be involved in the production of this plan. The care plan is the roadmap that outlines how the person’s individual journey will unfold through the rehab process.

A care plan’s purpose is for the individual and medical staff to have a firm understanding of the goals that all parties wish to achieve before the individual is able to be discharged from the facility. This will include items such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication needs
  • Possible additional therapy needs

All of these items are focused specifically on the individual. Due to the fact that each person enters the facility with their own addictions and trauma, the medical staff must understand not only their case on paper but the person themselves. This is often explored as the care plan is created.

Individual Therapy Needs

Following detox, a new resident will be matched up with a medical professional in order to take part in individual therapy. Along with group therapy, this is one of the cornerstones of any rehab/recovery program.

In individual therapy, residents will begin the process of exploring the trauma that led them to their substance abuse in the first place. This can be a difficult process to start, and without the guidance of a medical professional, it can be nearly impossible.

However, it is also necessary for the medical professional to get to know the individual. If there is no relationship, then the individual has no reason to trust them, and the therapy is done before it’s even begun.

A relationship with the individual is paramount in any therapy but is even more important as a person first begins exploring the roots of their addictions. This is a vulnerable time, and there is a delicate balance between forcing someone to confront their issues and allowing them space to consider their past.

When a medical professional can take the time to know the person, understand their needs, and find out what makes them laugh, they are no longer doing a job. Instead, they are creating an environment where the individual can feel relaxed and able to let down their guard.

Twilight Recovery Center and the Need of the Individual

At Twilight Recovery Center, each program is tailored to the individual. The entire purpose of the program is to ensure the success of every resident that steps over the threshold. We understand that without the proper guidance and specialized medical assistance, people have no reason to admit themselves into a recovery program. That is why we look to the individual for guidance.

What this means is that each care plan, each assessment, and all activities are agreed upon by the person who will be taking part in them. Everything from the direction of individual therapy to the types of alternative therapies a person decides to try. In fact, our chef is even able to create meals based on individual diets and tastes.

Our medical staff

Our medical staff is well aware of how a recovery program must run to be successful. This means that we know the name of each resident. We know how they are, and what they do and do not enjoy. We want everyone to feel that they are not only getting the best medical assistance. They all are enjoying the amenities offered to them in our uniquely individualized program.

When it comes to recovery, the one thing that everyone needs to be treated as is an individual. When a person knows that they are not part of a cookie-cutter program, they have a better chance at healing. At Twilight Recovery Center, we believe in supporting the individual and ensuring that each person receives the care they need. No two people require the same treatment. That is why we tailor our programs to match you and your particular situation. Twilight Recovery Center knows that each person comes with their own needs. We begin with a full individual assessment to gauge your needs. For more information, call us at (888) 414-8183.