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Twilight Recovery Center is proud to offer expert, individualized addiction treatment to residents of Southern California and beyond at our Mexico facility located just minutes from the US border. By traveling to our facility for treatment, you are able to escape the chaos of active addiction while receiving the highest-level of care at a fraction of the cost when compared to US addiction treatment programs.

Acknowledging an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol and deciding to seek help to overcome addiction is a complex and challenging process. For many who struggle with substance use disorder, it may be the most difficult decision they make as they start their journey towards sobriety. Beyond deciding you are ready to seek addiction treatment, the next step is where to go to receive the help that you need to get well. For some, the decision to stay local is the right one. However, for others remaining in a home environment is not conducive to achieving or maintaining lasting sobriety.

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The Benefits of Traveling From Southern California for Treatment

There are several benefits to traveling for rehab. Like the benefits associated with each addiction treatment center, how those benefits apply to your unique treatment needs will vary. For some, the benefits of remaining close to home with access to family and work will outweigh the benefits of traveling from Southern California for treatment. However, for others traveling is essential to successfully completing an addiction treatment program. Some of the key reasons people travel for rehab focus on the quality of care, access to luxury addiction treatment, and distance from the environment that furthers addictive behavior.

All addiction treatment programs strive to provide quality, comprehensive care that helps patients overcome addiction. However, beyond the basic regulatory requirements for addiction treatment, programs are not required to provide specific treatment models or levels of care. This means there is a wide range of treatment programs available near Southern California. Some drug and alcohol rehabs near Southern California advertise their services as luxury. This means you can expect to receive high-end, quality care in an environment above and beyond what is traditionally expected in an addiction treatment program. Common characteristics of luxury treatment include the availability of alternative and holistic therapies, spa services, vacation-like or resort-like settings, private rooms, and other amenities uncommon to traditional treatment.

Another benefit to traveling for treatment is distance. For many, the ability to get sober and stay sober is significantly improved by removing themselves from their home environment. First, going to a drug rehab near Southern California (away from home) eliminates the ability to simply leave treatment if the treatment process becomes overwhelming or difficult to manage. It also removes an addict struggling to get sober from their home environment. This is helpful because this was the environment (social setting) where they drank or used. By continuing to spend time in this environment, they are more likely to be exposed to triggers that impact their ability to detox successfully and complete a therapeutic addiction treatment program. By traveling to rehab in a different town, the potential for exposure to triggers and situations that may have contributed to ongoing addictive behaviors is removed. The distance provided by out-of-town treatment also provides freedom from outside influences such as friends or family that could make completing a 30, 60, or 90-day treatment program difficult.

What To Look For in a Southern California Drug and
Alcohol Rehab

Long-term addictions to drugs or alcohol can lead to harmful physical and psychological effects. Without treatment to help you overcome addiction, some of these effects may be permanent. Despite the dangers of ongoing addiction, there are instances when choosing to get sober without the help of a Southern California drug and alcohol rehab may be more dangerous. Depending on the substance or substance use, suddenly quitting can bring about intense and overwhelming withdrawal symptoms, which can be challenging to manage without support. Some drugs, such as benzodiazepines, prescription opioids, and alcohol, can produce dangerous and sometimes fatal symptoms if you stop using them without medical supervision in alcohol rehab.

If you are ready to seek addiction treatment, finding a treatment facility where the treatment model meets your specific needs is vital to your treatment success. There are thousands of facilities across the nation, each providing comprehensive care. However, each is also different, and not all programs are equipped to manage all aspects of addiction treatment care.

If the first step on your treatment journey involves detox, it is vital to choose a Southern California alcohol and drug rehab where medically supervised detox is available. During medically supervised detox, a highly skilled team of both medical and mental health treatment providers will provide support and guidance as you work through the earliest days of recovery. It is also essential to ensure that the rehab you choose offers specialized treatment for your addiction; again, not all addiction treatment programs provide services to meet all treatment needs.

Finally, it is vital to choose a Southern California rehab where the treatment model aligns with your specific needs and goals. The best rehabs near Southern California offer a luxurious, home-like setting where you can feel safe and comfortable throughout your treatment journey. A wide range of research indicates you will be the most successful in a program where you feel safe and supported. Similar research suggests those who complete a treatment program are far more successful at maintaining lasting sobriety than someone who does not seek treatment or who attempts to quit substances “cold turkey.”

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How Our Rehab Facility Near Southern California is Different

At our luxury rehab facility near Southern California, we offer comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs designed around each patient who comes through our doors. We understand that choosing to seek help is not easy. Therefore, our treatment team will work with you every step of the way, from comprehensive detox support through therapy and aftercare planning to ensure your ability to heal from addiction.

Each person who seeks help with addiction has unique needs and goals. The best way to help you achieve yours is to provide a wide range of therapeutic treatment options. At our rehab near Southern California, our individually designed treatment programs are comprised of proven successful evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and alternative treatment models such as equine, adventure, and recreational therapies. We also specialize in dual diagnosis and medically supported detox. Providing a broad range of treatment options helps provide you with the most well-rounded and effective program possible.

Get Help at the Best Rehab Near Southern California

Our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab provides compressive services designed to help you put struggles with drugs and alcohol in the past. Without treatment, an ongoing harmful relationship with drugs or alcohol can have a detrimental effect on your physical and psychological health.

At our luxury rehab with ocean views, you will work with members of your treatment learn to learn more about the roots of addiction. As a part of treatment, you will practice examining the thoughts and emotions that lead to addiction. Once you understand how negative emotions may further addiction, you have the power to change your thoughts. This skill will not only help you on your journey to recovery but in the future when faced with relapse triggers.

Our bi-lingual staff is trained to help you manage addiction symptoms and struggles with dual diagnosis conditions. At our oceanside rehab near Southern California, we strive to teach you healthier and safer ways to cope with day-to-day stressors and challenges that may hinder recovery.

The journey to recovery is not (usually) a straight line. There will be bumps in the road and setbacks along the way. Completing a comprehensive addiction treatment program will provide vital skills and tools you need to safely and successfully manage those challenges without turning to substances. If you or a loved one are ready to begin your sobriety journey, don’t wait another day. The admissions team at our drug and alcohol rehab near Southern California is here to answer your questions about how our programs can help. To learn more about us and our luxury rehab centers near Southern California, contact us today.

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Receive the highest level of care at our upscale recovery center. We offer world class treatments to ensure the finest road to recovery.



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