Loved One Is Scared to Enter Recovery

Addiction is a scary concept. However, for those with substance abuse issues, as well as their loved ones, recovery may seem just as daunting. There are many reasons for this, and Twilight Recovery Center is ready to assuage any of these fears. If your loved one is scared about seeking help for their addiction, we understand how overwhelming this can be for both of you. Our team of compassionate professionals is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for your loved one to begin their journey towards recovery.

Fear of Recovery/Fear of the Unknown

Individuals with substance abuse issues often become ensconced in their own lives to such a degree that everything else comes second. For these people, the idea of anything but the life they lead while succumbing to addiction is unbelievable. Much like anyone else, they believe the life they are living is permanently in place.

When a person admits to having a problem and agrees to seek help, they are taking a fantastic personal leap. Consider that everything they know (and may have known for years) is being taken from them and replaced. They may realize that their lives are in trouble, but the idea of a full spectrum shift is far beyond daunting.

Loved ones must understand the level of fear that comes with the idea of recovery. It should not be viewed as a fear of getting better. Rather, it is a fear of the unknown coupled with unfounded stories from other addicts.

There are also people who are under the impression that there is no reason to enter recovery due to the high incidence of relapse. Though relapse is something that happens, it should not preclude people from attempting the recovery process. This is especially true if they have a viable community of family and friends backing them up.

Questions About What to Expect From Recovery

This then leads to other questions that loved ones may need to answer in an effort to bring the individual around to their point of view and agree to enter a recovery program.

What Will I Encounter in Rehab?

Rehab has many different facets, but the main thing to remind people is that rehab is the safest place for them. They will go through difficult steps in a recovery facility, such as detox. However, they will come out the other side feeling better than they have in a long time. They will also be involved in individual and group therapy. While these may seem difficult to take in, there are also other pieces to rehab.

Luxury rehabs offer a variety of alternative therapies and activities that serve to elevate a resident’s experience. These are often meant to soothe and finesse emotions that individual and group therapies may have brought to the surface.

The individual can be told that rehab is not a dark hallway filled with locked doors. In fact, it is an open, airy place with personal suites, chef-inspired meals, and fresh air.

Who Will I Be Surrounded By?

If a person is nervous about who else will be in a rehab facility, their fears can be alleviated by pointing out that they will be around fellow recovering addicts. This may seem daunting, or even worrisome. Individuals may believe it to be counterintuitive to be around people who may only serve to remind them of their own issues.

The fact is that there is nobody better to be with than people going through the same experience. These folks are nonjudgmental and are also asking not to be judged. The safe space dictates that everyone has time to talk and focus on their individual issues while having time to interact with each other.

Will I Be Just Another Number?

There are many concerns that people have when they enter the recovery process. This question may be the most important. When asking this question, people want to know if they are going to be forced into a mold of some kind. As if every person with a substance or mental health issue fits the same description. This could not be further from the truth.

One of the core tenets of recovery is individualized care. This means that each person comes to a program with their own positive and negative traits and issues. Nobody can be treated the same, as no two people are the same. Although similar issues exist, and thus recovery can follow a plan, the details depend on the individual.

For anyone that needs coaxing into recovery, make it known that they will not be left behind. Each moment of their day will be spent knowing that the staff wants nothing but to help them as an individual. While every person in the program is important, they are important in their own way. Every medical professional knows that people deserve to be treated in a way that suits their particular case. A person will find this in recovery.

Overall Concepts to Remember

The fear of entering a recovery program is nothing new. Most people with substance abuse issues fear the idea of recovery for a variety of reasons. Therefore, if a loved one needs help finding their way, it is up to their family and friends to seek out this information and quell any concerns they might have. Twilight Recovery Center understands these concerns and is ready to offer any information necessary to take a person from fear of recovery to being free of their substance abuse.

There are many reasons why someone with addiction or mental health issues is scared to enter recovery. For many, the concept of confronting one’s demons can seem daunting. Twilight Recovery Center is well aware of these issues and is prepared to help. We can speak with you and send you information and even speak with your loved one about our facility and program. Our goal is to reassure people that they will be treated in a kind, warm environment where there is no judgment. Our staff is available and accessible when a person is only steps from agreeing to enter a facility. For more information, call Twilight Recovery Center at (888) 414-8183.