The Healing Power of Expressive Art

There are a variety of therapies offered in luxury rehab facilities. For some, the idea of therapy is to take the issues of a person with a substance abuse problem and lay them bear for the individual to examine. However, there is another piece of the puzzle that only non-traditional therapies and expressive art therapy, in particular, can address.

Non-Traditional Therapies

The best part of non-traditional therapies is their ability to add to the rehab experience in ways many people would not expect. Individuals will spend most of their time in typical talk therapy with medical staff and others in recovery. However, this time is supplemented by other activities. These are meant to enhance each day and each revelation they arrive at while in treatment.

One of the best forms of non-traditional therapy is expressive art therapy.

Expressive Art Therapy

When people think of art, they can envision the entire landscape of creativity. For people in rehab, expressive art therapy refers to a sub-section of this group. The goal is to allow individuals to take their emotions, the ones they have kept bottled up, and release them safely and creatively. There are multiple ways to bring out this set of feelings. A few of these are listed here.


One of the best ways to examine one’s inner turmoil and release it for examination is journaling. There are a few different ways to accomplish this activity. Sometimes, a therapist will give the individual a journal and then discuss topics they would like them to explore. This guided form of journaling will point the person in a specific direction, allowing them to organize their thoughts in a controlled environment to further discuss specific topics.

The individual may also be given a blank journal and no guidance. This method is called free writing. Using this method, people can record any and all emotions as they come to them. Rather than guidance coming from outside, the goal is for people to gradually learn to organize their own thoughts. Ultimately, this will lead them to work through their experiences at their own pace.

Abstract Painting/Drawing

Often, a person is unaware of the specifics of their own emotions. When going through rehab, their thoughts may feel jumbled and frightening. Due to this, they feel overwhelmed when asked to articulate what they are feeling. That is where abstract painting and drawing can be helpful activities.

When people are given paint, brushes, and canvas, they may initially feel that they need guidance. In rehab, we are often directed as to what we need to do and when we need to do it. That is why abstract art can be the best departure. It can be transformative when individuals are told to simply relax, lose themselves, and put whatever they are feeling into their art.

The abstract images that emerge will feel sad, energetic, and strange. Yet these are never judged. They may not even be examined. Because they come from pure emotional expression, the thought of deconstructing them may be useless. However, in that moment, they are cathartic and special to the artist. These people may find it silly to be called an artist, but that is precisely what they are. Much like any other artist, they are taking raw inner turmoil and turning it into colors, lines, and brush strokes that require no explanation or justification.

The Goal of Expressive Art Therapy

Some people see expressive art therapy as a strange piece of the rehab process. They see it as not accomplishing the main goal of recovery: getting people clean and ready to reenter society. This could not be further from the truth. Non-traditional therapies, such as expressive art therapy, exist to bring out the emotions and feelings that typical talk therapy cannot address.

When a program like expressive art therapy is introduced to a recovery program, the individuals will feel a stronger sense of calm as they make their way through treatment. It can add a depth of care that sets certain rehab facilities apart from others.

Expressive Art Therapy at Twilight Recovery Center

There are many reasons to spend the duration of rehab at Twilight Recovery Center. Not only are we a luxury rehab with a variety of amenities, but we are also firm believers in having the most well-rounded treatment program for our patients.

Upon arrival, you will be shown a veritable menu of activities that only enhance your treatment experience. Part of this is enjoying non-traditional therapies in a tropical beach environment. These include introspective activities such as yoga and tai-chi.

However, we also offer expressive art therapy that will take the introspection of meditation and combine it with the pure ecstasy of self-expression. At Twilight Recovery Center, we aim to give you every opportunity to examine your unique situation and ease you through the process. Expressive art therapy is here not just for fun or for something to do, but to show you that you are more than just a person in recovery.  You are someone filled with thoughts and feelings that you need to express. Twilight Recovery Center will give you the tools to do just that.

There are several reasons for a program like Twilight Recovery center to offer expressive art therapy. Individuals going through treatment are often in need of something more cathartic than traditional treatment. While talk therapy plays a key role in the healing process, there are other concepts that can give people new ways of exploring themselves. Expressive art therapy takes a typical program and elevates it to the luxury level. Twilight Recovery Center is dedicated to providing the most well-rounded and therapeutic experience for each person that joins us at our facility. Considering the variety of activities and programs offered, we believe that Twilight Recovery Center is right for you. Call us today at (888) 414-8183.