Non-Traditional Therapies

When people enter a therapy program, they are met with three types of therapy: Individual therapy, group therapy, and non-traditional therapy. Each of these provides its own piece to the healing puzzle. There are several different ways to approach healing, but these are the most effective when it comes to substance abuse.

When starting a stay at a rehab program, people are met by medical staff who will provide them with a full assessment. This will determine the course of treatment. An assessment will go even further in a luxury rehab. It will allow the staff to learn more about the individual’s wants and needs.

In a traditional rehab, this assessment may not have engaged this side of a person. However, at a luxury rehab, an individual’s unique needs are very important bits of information that will be used for various purposes, one of which includes which non-traditional therapies to offer the individual.

Non-Traditional Therapies

People have the right to expect more from a luxury rehab center than just traditional therapies. In fact, they expect to receive an unmatched level of care that can go beyond anything they could experience elsewhere.

A program like the one at Twilight Recovery Center can offer location-based, non-traditional therapies. These add a level of health and comfort to the rehab experience. Some of these can include:

These non-traditional therapies are in place for two reasons: They are therapeutic and fun. Some would say that fun should not be a concern when considering a rehab facility. They also say that it is important to address substance abuse only through traditional means.

However, a luxury rehab has the means and focus to give individuals more. They see the process as an overall healing experience. Due to that mindset, there must be room for fun. If not, there is no joy. Without that, treatment will continue to be a stern, flat process where the promise of joy is abstract and saved for after treatment.

Non-traditional therapies exist as a way of leaning into a part of the brain that tends to be overlooked. It is in this part that we actually process and examine. In this area, we digest our day and reflect on our emotions. Without this particular piece of treatment, a person is left with many answers but very little room to truly take them in.

Effectiveness of Non-Traditional Therapies

The effectiveness of these therapies cannot be overstated. They can change the face of traditional rehab for people going through substance abuse treatment.

When someone spends concentrated time going over their issues with medical staff and fellow residents, it can become overwhelming. It is for this reason that non-traditional therapies exist. They involve the parts of a person’s experience that cannot be addressed through traditional means.

One of the best examples of non-traditional therapy is tai-chi. This martial art has been created to enhance both physical and mental healing. It allows people to learn the ins and outs of their bodies, work on breathing and movement, and concentrate on simple gestures and muscle control. Mentally, it places people in a state of meditation where even the smallest thoughts are given extraordinary space to exist.

This is a type of therapy that does not exist in a typical program. Often, when people find that they can exercise this other part of their brain, they see their situation differently. They are no longer simply talking to others about their shared condition. Now they are being given ways to take the stress, fear, and worry and express them in alternative ways.

Therapy at Twilight Recovery Center

There is something different about a luxury rehab and what it has to offer. Twilight Recovery Center is a haven for those struggling with substance abuse. We are able to present a level of care that is unprecedented in our industry.

When you come to us, we will work with you to develop a full assessment of you and your situation. This means that our staff will see you as an individual, not as a number. We will learn about you, your wants, and your needs. This will allow us to tailor our program to you.

For many people, the thought of entering a rehab program can be quite frightening. However, when you see our beautiful, inviting facility and the gorgeous beaches, it will remind you that you are in a place of healing.

At Twilight Recovery Center you will be treated not only to an amazing rehab program but to non-traditional therapies that will transform your entire experience. With our unique situation, we are able to offer many of our therapies right on the beach. This means added time soaking up the sun, breathing clean ocean air, and taking in the calming sounds of waves lapping against the sand.

When you are ready to shed the weight of substance abuse, Twilight Recovery Center is ready to offer you everything you need and so much more.


A luxury treatment center

Twilight Recovery Center can offer much more than just run-of-the-mill therapy. The effectiveness of traditional therapy is well known, but not many people are aware of the actual effectiveness of non-traditional therapies. When Twilight Recovery Center says that we offer so much more than therapy, we are talking about our amazing beachside activities, such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, and even snorkeling. These are therapeutic treatments that speak to a different but just as important part of the healing mind. People in treatment need joy and serenity. These therapies fill that need. To learn more about our program, contact Twilight Recovery today at (888) 414-8183.