Planning for Post-recovery Care

There are many components to the rehab and recovery process. Most individuals and families concentrate on the rehab aspect of recovery, but that is only the beginning. The second step is planning for post-recovery care. Twilight Recovery can help with this process.

What Is Involved in Post-recovery Care Planning?

Post-recovery care can seem just as insurmountable as the concept of rehab. Individuals and families may find themselves overwhelmed with the various aspects that need to be covered. However, the process can be made easier by breaking it down into its separate parts.

Community Outreach

There are few things more important in recovery than community. This can include:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fellow recovering addiction

There may even be other people that can be of assistance following rehab. The goal is to surround oneself with a security network that is willing to support them during the good and bad times ahead. People may believe that since they were able to get through rehab, they can do the rest on their own. This could not be further from the truth.

A recovery center will make sure that individuals are aware that nobody can exist in a vacuum. The purpose is to show people that their go-it-alone mindset may have contributed to their ongoing substance abuse due to rejecting the assistance of others.

Finding Groups Post-recovery

While having a social community is important, it is also necessary to continue attending groups post-rehab. While in rehab, residents benefit from group therapies, where they have the opportunity to interact for the first time with others about their shared condition.

The benefits of these programs cannot be overstated. Therefore, it is only natural that they continue in the post-rehab world. Much like developing a community, some people do not see the benefit in joining groups because they feel they have “done their time” in rehab.

Without these continuing groups, people have a higher propensity for relapse due to losing that connection with others going through the same issues. For example, they may find it difficult to talk to family and friends about their addiction issues because they feel they’ll be judged. However, there is no judgment in these groups, as people understand the pain and conflicting emotions that come with recovery.

Recovery programs will aim to instill these ideas in their residents as they proceed through the rehab process. They will be shown how helpful and necessary group therapy can be and why groups are so beneficial post-rehab. Since this has been proven to be one of the best ways to stay sober, recovery programs will stress groups not as an option, but as a necessity.

Finding Continuing Post-recovery Care From Trustworthy Professionals

Recovery centers have three things they will attempt to do as thoroughly as possible:

  • Help a person through detox
  • Engage individuals in dialogue about their disorders and allow them to confront their issues in a safe and engaging environment
  • Assist in post-recovery planning to prevent relapse

Part of this process, which begins in the recovery facility, is finding medical professionals that the person trusts and that can be trusted. These professionals must be ready for whatever the post-recovery process brings to those attempting to heal. People leave rehab with many questions and need people to help them find answers.

recovery center can assist residents in finding these caring professionals. This gives people a better chance of attending regular sessions. Without guidance to find professionals, people may choose the first option that appears or abandon their search altogether. This can lead to disastrous results.

A recovery center that can include assistance in finding professionals for residents to partner with can see a lower relapse rate. They can also ensure that residents feel more comfortable starting different forms of therapy within the facility to prepare them for dealing with medical professionals post-recovery.

How Twilight Recovery Can Help

Twilight Recovery Center offers a robust program that can start people on the most important path of their lives. This is the path that will take them through the rest of their lives. It all starts with their facility and the various therapies they can present to their residents. However, Twilight Recovery understands that their job does not stop when a person leaves the facility.

In fact, the individual’s journey has only just begun at that stage. Twilight Recovery is proud to show residents that their commitment begins in rehab. That can prepare them for what comes next.

When a person engages in the programs at Twilight Recovery Center, they will be shown how important they are and how much they are valued by those around them. In this way, Twilight Recovery Center can explain why post-recovery care is important and how to prepare oneself for the journey.

One of the core tenets of a remarkable recovery program is its ability to assist with post-recovery care. Twilight Recovery Center is proud to offer a program whose mission does not end in rehab. In fact, we are dedicated to our residents and their ability to further their recovery process past their time in our facility. That is why we make sure that there is a plan that has been created with them and their loved ones to make sure they know what steps come next. To learn more about the Twilight Recovery Center program and what it can offer you or your loved one, call us today at (888) 414-8183.