Staffing Excellence

There are a number of reasons why rehab facilities focus on staffing excellence. An educated staff is the best way to achieve excellent patient care.

Empathy Education Is the Key to Staffing Excellence

One of the first things that people are taught is how to interact with patients. Individuals come to recovery centers in the most fragile state and must be treated with warmth and respect. They have made a decision to change their lives for the better. Staff must provide encouragement and proper communication to help achieve their goal of a better life.

One of the more interesting aspects of recovery staffing is just how many of them have been through the rehab/recovery process themselves. This lends a huge hand not only to the program but to the residents themselves. Consider just how much these individuals understand the system from the inside. They have had the experience of being both patient and staff. This insight allows them to present their knowledge to other staff members who have not had this firsthand experience.

Education can come from a variety of different places. Not every lesson can be learned in a classroom, and not every test involves a piece of paper. Empathy is something that people must learn to use, and there is no better teacher than those who have the background to educate.

Continuing Education for Staff

The idea of continuously improving one’s knowledge is a cornerstone of any rehab/recovery staff member. Each individual that steps through the doors of their facility provides another lesson in how to treat people. This applies to two places:

Medical Model

All facilities must follow certain medical models in order to provide care to individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues. This means hiring individuals who have completed specific training and obtained degrees or certificates.

Formal education is essential for these employees as new techniques, emerging medications, and treatment options are introduced. This applies not only to the moderation of certain therapies but also to their implementation.

Social Model

The staff of any rehab/recovery facility must be able to interact with their residents on an individual basis. This means anticipating how different people will act and behave before they do anything to harm themselves or others.

Often, staff will enter a facility with a certain level of knowledge in direct patient care. As they spend more time around their residents, they will grow as caregivers. This is done by creating pathways based not only on their own experiences but on those of their coworkers.

One of the best ways for a staff member to continue their social education is by having boots on the ground. This means that there is nothing quite like being immersed in the actual day-to-day of a rehab/recovery facility.

Each moment brings new lessons, and each resident brings their own personality, problems, and solutions. It is important that staff members take in this information, share it in staff meetings, and help new staff members acclimate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Employing the Best

As with any medical facility, there are always people attempting to apply for employment. However, being staffing a rehab/recovery center is not suitable for everyone. It is not an easy position to fill, and facilities are wary of who they bring on board.

Each facility goes through a rigorous process to weed out those simply looking for employment and those who are qualified and dedicated to the well-being of their residents. One of the best ways to do this is to hire a mix of industry veterans and those new to their careers.

The right mix at a facility can create magic. Inexperienced staff can learn life lessons that school cannot teach, while veterans can acquire new techniques beyond their initial schooling.

Ultimately, when these groups come together, residents will discover that the facility possesses a particular flow and ease that is unmatched elsewhere. From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, they will feel loved, monitored, and taken care of in a way that treats them as adults who have a specific mission.

Caregivers should avoid treating them like children, coddling them, or telling them that they are perfect. In fact, sometimes what people need is the truth, and educated staff will know how to present that truth in a way that is digestible and anything but harsh.

The Twilight Recovery Center Difference

At Twilight Recovery Center, the staff has been vetted, educated, and monitored to make sure that they are not stuck in a caregiving rut. In fact, education is not only encouraged but rewarded. Staff members know that without constant education, they will become stagnant, and no facility wants stagnant employees.

The Twilight Recovery Center’s goal is, first and foremost, to assist residents with their journey into recovery. Only educated staff members can accomplish that.

With countless rehab and recovery centers across the country, how can a person choose the right one? The first thing to consider is the education and training of the facility’s staff. Regardless of their purpose, they should be the best at what they do in an environment that they trust. When a person enters a facility, the staff reflects on how the experience will be. At Twilight Recovery Center, an educated staff member will not only greet you but will conduct your initial intake assessment. This is only the first step and with each next step, you will meet and learn from people whose only purpose is to help. Learn more at (888) 414-8183.