How Tai Chi Can Improve Healing

There are several ways to develop within a recovery program. One thing to remember is that not every program needs to be dull, boring, and scary. An excellent recovery center can help you using traditional therapies and non-traditional ones such as tai chi.

The first step in any treatment program is detox. Once that stage has been completed, and a full assessment has been done, a person can start down their individualized treatment plan. While at some treatment centers, this means typical individual and group therapy, at Twilight Recovery Center, it means so much more.

What Is Tai Chi?

Tai chi is a form of Chinese martial arts. It was initially designed to teach people self-defense. Since then, it has been shown to have several health benefits. It also serves as a form of meditation. The health benefits of tai chi have been used by people and programs for decades.

One of the essential parts of tai chi is movement. When people think of traditional martial arts, they think of high kicks, swift punches, and fast attacks. Tai chi is different. Though there are punches and kicks, they are done slowly and deliberately. They are not meant to injure anyone.

In fact, tai chi follows some basic rules:

  • Go slow
  • Find fluidity in movement
  • Be as deliberate as possible
  • Think about each limb and how it works with the others
  • Remember that negative thoughts can move through you

These are some of the basic principles that allow tai chi to be such an impressive activity for those in recovery.

How Tai Chi Fits Into Recovery

One of the great benefits of tai chi is its focus on discipline. People in recovery are often in mental disarray. They are looking for a foundation following detox and will reach for whatever and whoever is there to offer a helping hand.

That is why tai chi is so important. It provides people with an activity that allows them to focus inwards while accepting the world around them as it is. The subtle movements, the feeling of fresh air, and the knowledge of being in a safe space can center a person in a way they have never experienced.

Things can feel bleak following group therapy. The person is asked to talk about the various traumas of their lives and the problems they have. However, a person who can move straight into tai chi as a form of further healing can learn to take all the breakthroughs and learn to accept them.

The concept of acceptance as a form of meditation applies to tai chi. In recovery, people are placed in scenarios where they confront themselves and their behaviors. This can sometimes make a person feel like a punching bag. When they see who they have become through therapy they need a way to balance the pain.

Tai chi can act as that bridge. It can be the counterweight to the painful parts of recovery.

Post-Recovery Benefits

One of the best reasons to learn tai chi in recovery is that it can be practiced anytime and anywhere. It can also be performed by a group or by an individual on their own.

The benefits of tai chi do not apply only in recovery. In fact, it can act as a higher form of meditation that includes the mind and the body. Concentrating can be hard in general, but it can be quite beneficial when a person is taught how to focus inwards and let negative emotions momentarily pass through them.

Many health benefits of tai chi are also well known. For people in recovery from addiction, there can sometimes be an issue with physical activity. They may feel that they have spent so much time being listless that it is hard to do things like join a gym or play sports.

Tai chi can once again act as a bridge. With its slow and non-demanding movements, a person can practice it without feeling overworked. Once they have mastered finding their center and the meditative aspects, they may find it easier to start more vigorous physical activities.

Twilight Recovery Center and You

When individuals come to Twilight Recovery Center, they will first notice how inviting our facility is. We are proud to show potential clients that there is more to treatment than essential therapies. With the sheer variety of non-traditional therapies and activities, they can realize that recovery is an exciting time. They are finding themselves and proving that they have the drive to make it to the other side of substance abuse.

We want to make sure individuals are aware of the potential they hold. Through our program, they will learn more about the role addiction plays in their lives, how to conquer it, and what comes next. Twilight Recovery Center and its knowledgeable, caring staff are ready to show individuals all the great things they are capable of.

When people think about entering a recovery program, they often picture blank hallways in a hospital setting. An excellent recovery center looks much different. The best have ways of re-introducing you to yourself through a combination of traditional and non-traditional therapies. Recovery does not need to be devoid of joy. To help you find the healthy person inside yourself, Twilight Recovery Center can give you activities to bring you joy and self-acceptance. One thing we offer is tai chi on our beautiful Mexican beach. Imagine the solace of taking part in introspective activities while looking out over the blue ocean as small waves lap up on the shoreline. Call us today at (888) 414-8183 to learn more.