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Membership is Free, Join the “No Matter What” Club in Recovery

Now that you have reached this level of treatment, what are you planning on doing with yourself to guarantee you will remain sober? Have you created a safety plan for yourself? Have you applied for your membership to the “No Matter What” club now that you are in recovery? What is the “No Matter What” club?

The “No Matter What” club is a supportive community that will welcome you with open arms. There is only one stipulation for membership; you have to work toward maintaining your sobriety no matter what. Even if it means you have to give up friends, places, and things to stay 100% committed to your pledge.

There will be days when you will have to force yourself to get out of bed, remove your negative energies, and get out of your head. There will also be days when the cravings come out of nowhere, and they may be so intense you will have to force yourself to be stronger than what you feel you can be at that moment.

Ways to Maintain Membership

As previously mentioned, your membership to the “No Matter What” club will always be free as long as you are willing to put in the work to gain and maintain your membership. If you slip up, it’s unlikely anyone will know but you. Please do not fool yourself; your friends in recovery will see you immediately, no matter how well you try to hide it. They will see you and your behaviors because they might have done the same things to conceal their slip-ups at one time. The following tips will help you maintain your “No Matter What” club membership.

Find Your Sober Community, “No Matter What”

You do not have to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to find your sober community. Many people in recovery often find themselves joining other communities that involve activities like CrossFit, triathlons, hiking, fishing, or gardening, just to name a few. These are communities that support one another through positive interaction. These communities also allow people to find better versions of themselves through support and confidence building.

Remove Yourself from Negative People and Situations, “No Matter What”

Not everyone you know will support your sobriety, and some will even taunt you to use and make fun of your efforts to remain sober. These people are not your friends. It takes approximately five seconds to stand up and remove yourself from any negativity that you feel yourself experiencing. Do not feel bad for leaving if you feel uncomfortable. When you put your sobriety ahead of negative people, you will find you have the courage that may not have existed before recovery.

Eliminate Self-Sabotaging Behaviors, “No Matter What”

A not-so-wise addict once said that it was easier to stay stuck in addiction than to do the work of recovery. You have done the work, and you are working on your recovery every day. Some days you may be tired and engage in self-sabotaging behaviors that have the potential to lead you to relapse.

You must remember that no one is in charge of you but you. It is up to you to maintain your behaviors. Your actions are products of your choices and no one else’s, so choose wisely. As an example of self-sabotaging behavior, imagine you slept through your alarm, missed the gym, and are feeling depressed and anxious. Instead of planning several short walks during your workday or a trip to the gym after work, you choose to consume an entire cake followed by a pint of ice cream. Once the containers are empty, you will be left with nothing but regret. Ask yourself if all that would be worth it when you could have more positive and healthier choices.

Believe in Yourself, “No Matter What”

If recovery has taken you out of your comfort zone, do not fear. You are not alone. Thousands of people feel the fear of possible failure every day, but most do not give in. Why? Because every day, they get out of bed and tell themselves that no matter what comes their way, they can get through the day sober.

Remember that you can do the hard things necessary for recovery. Breakthroughs come from talking in a group or one-on-one with a therapist about your past traumas. They come when we apologize for past hurtful behaviors toward those we care for. You’ll realize that when you do the hard things you may not want to do, it opens up the opportunity to do the healthy things you want to do.

Not Every Day Will Be a Good Day

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Your reaction to each situation is up to you. Do not stress over the things that you cannot control. Be in control of what you can and give the rest to your higher power.

Maintaining sobriety is a constant battle and can be difficult. You will be able to find a million reasons and a thousand excuses to re-engage in substance abuse after starting recovery. You are strong enough not to give in. Why would you take all that hard work and return to what no longer serves you? You can maintain your sobriety, no matter what. The staff at Twilight Recovery Center understands what you are going through. Twilight Recovery Center provides person-centered, holistic therapies that help you release any negative energies that have prevented you from living your best life. Everyday life is chaotic. Why not provide yourself with a calm, supportive, and relaxing environment that helps you forget the chaos of your daily life for a few weeks? Twilight’s all-inclusive center strives to provide an environment where you can relax in luxury and heal. Call us at (888) 414-8183.

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Receive the highest level of care at our upscale recovery center. We offer world class treatments to ensure the finest road to recovery.



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